Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA)

High-performance FPAA that is flexible and easy to use.

Our platform reduces design time to days versus weeks or months.  You can quickly design complex analog functions into a fully qualified chip. Alternatively, you can build your circuit even faster using one of our predefined combinations of configurable analog blocks (CABs). These CABs enable the DynAMx FPAA to perform a wide variety of functions very easily. For example, the first member of the DynAMx family, the OTC24000, can be programmed with the filter combination of CABS. The parameters of the filter (gain, frequency, Q) can be changed at any time with a slight tweak to the CAB combination. Each DynAMx FPAA contains a large library of analog functions.  Each analog function can have its input connected to an input pin, or it can be connected to another block's output pin enabling the cascading of multiple blocks to create complex systems.  Also, each function's output can be connected to an output pin.  All under software control. The analog blocks use highly accurate switched capacitor technology and differential signaling, so linearity, matching, and offsets are all nearly perfect. Since the technology is switched capacitor, it is nearly immune to performance variations due to process, temperature, and supply voltage variations. We have two dozen predefined combinations of configurable analog blocks (CABs) that are available. If these predefined combinations don't meet your needs, simply contact us and we will be happy to do what we can to meet your design requirements.

The OTC 24000 FPAA are sold in minimum quantities of 10. If lower quantities are needed for evaluation purposes please contact us.

Software Includes:

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